Site Profile

LG Diagnostic & Cosmetic Center. Therapeutic Areas:

  •  Cardiology/Vascular Disease
  •  Cosmetology
  •  Dermatology/Plastic Surgery
  •  Endocrinology
  •  Immunology/Infectious Disease
  •  Neurology
  •  Nephrology
  •  Pain/Musculoskeletal
  •  Pulmonary/Respiratory Disease

Center Overview 

LG Diagnostic & Cosmetic Center is a dedicated research site located three miles from Miami International Airport in Florida. We are a private physician’s practice that specialized in primary care Family Practice and Internal Medicine and Clinical Research. We specialize in conducting Phase II - V clinical studies for pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval for new drugs and medical devices.
We have extensive experience working with many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the industry. We are committed to elevate the perception and quality of research through communication with the pharmaceutical industry, the community, and our patients

Clinical Research Experience:

Our center has been conducting trials, encompassing a wide variety of therapeutic fields for many years. We focus in phase II, III, IV and V clinical research.

Our Therapeutic Specialties include the following:

  •  Cardiology.
  •  Dermatology.
  •  Endocrinology.
  •  Gastroenterology.
  •  Immunology/Infectious Diseases.
  •  Musculoskeletal.
  •  Obstetrics/Gynecology.
  •  Pharmacology/Toxicology.
  •  Pulmonary Disease.
  •  Neurology.
  •  Nephrology.
  •  Plastic Surgery/General Surgery.

We have worked previously with the following pharmaceuticals companies/sponsor: Astra Zeneca, Abbott, Bayer, Biopharm, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ciba Geigy, Elly Lilly, Glaxo Welcome, Quintiles, Parexell, Pfizer, Novartis, BWH, Sanofi, Merk and Salvat.

Facility Description:

Our office is located in the city of Miami, Florida, near from Miami International Airport (3 miles), and also close to excellent hotels, restaurants and many points of interest. It is easily accessible by public transportation.

Patient Demographics

We are a Family medicine and Internal Medicine based practice. This allows us the flexibility to conduct studies in a broad spectrum of therapeutic fields. We also have board certifies specialist associated with our practices which serves as co-investigators and consultants.

Complications can include:

  •   Laboratory.
  •   Waiting Room.
  •   Doctor Room.
  •   Consent Room.
  •   Monitory Room.
  •   Pharmacy.
  •   -20 Freezer
  •   -70 Freezer
  •   Centrifuge.
  •   X-rays.
  •   Ultrasound.
  •   ECG equipment.
  •   Surgical Salon.

Clinical Introduction.

LG. Diagnostic is conveniently situated 3 miles from Miami International Airport and it is also nearby to different hospitals such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, University of Miami Hospital, Coral Gables Hospital, and Kendall Regions Hospital. Transportation assistance is also available.

Description of the Clinic.

Our research staff has over 20 years of research experience. Our investigators are Board Certified and specialized in Family Practice, Cardiology, Pain Management, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonologist, Vascular and General Surgery and Dermatologist. Both research staff and investigators are GCP and NIH trained and they also conduct clinical research in compliance with FDA and ICH guidelines.

Our Facilities:

Our site is located in a secured office facility that offers patients ample parking. Patients are cordially greeted and offered a comfortable and relaxing waiting area. The site has designated areas for administration, coordinators, regulatory and CRA/Monitors with access as high speed internet, phones, printers and copiers as well as a document scanner and facsimile. The site has laboratory with phlebotomy processing and secure on-site drug storage area (pharmacy).
We have a private and quite examination, conference and consent rooms. Our site utilizes local laboratories that offer flexible pick-up hours and has agreement with the mobile diagnostic company that provides in-site diagnostic services. The site utilizes a database and has access to each multispecialty physician’s private database.


The site has various medical equipment that include digital and mercurial BP devices, 12 lead ECG machine, height and weight scales, pulse oximeter, otoscope, regular centrifuge, 2-8, -20, -70 freezer drug refrigerators, min/max thermometer for freezer and room daily log register temperature, access to dry-ice and also has emergency back-up generator and cooling system in place, crash car, medical emergency, resuscitation equipment, surgical room. All medical equipments are calibrated annually.

LG. Diagnostic, Inc. is dedicated excellent and safety patient care. Our studies are conducted by Board Certified Physicians and certified investigators along with an experienced and highly trained clinical staff. Our medical professionals have no competing trials and we can use a Central IRB. For regulatory budget paperwork we have a turnaround of two weeks.