Principal Investigators

Investigator Staff:

  • Aurelio A. Ortiz MD./Board Certify Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Jorge Merge MD./Board Certify Anesthesiology.
  • Jesus R. Rodriguez MD./Board Certify Internal Medicine, Civil Surgeon.
  • Rafael E. Alfonso MD./Otolaringology, Clinical and Surgical Physician.
  • Carlos J. Bello MD./Board Certify General Surgery.
  • Lionel Diaz MD./ Board Certify Anesthesiology.

Staff Expertise:

  • Ana Iris Lopez/ Bachelor in Biology.
  • Barbara M. Diaz/ BS.
  • Yamilka Lemagne Pichardo/ MSN-Ed, RN.
  • Caleb H. Daugherty DC, RN.
  • Esmir Serrano/ Foreign Medical Epidemiology Doctor
  • Dr.Maritza Salas/ Foreign Medical General Surgery Doctor
  • Jorge L.Tejeda/ Foreign Medical Dermatology Doctor